Our focus is excellent customer service and attention to detail.

Our experienced and knowledgeable team is always happy to answer any questions you have and help you find the Rite products for your project.

  • Colour Matching

    • Personal custom colour matching
    • Custom aerosols
    • Colourbond aerosols
    • 2K Anti-Corrosive High Build Epoxies and 2K topcoats
    • Industrial and automotive spray equipment and servicing
    • Epoxy Floor coatings
  • Premium Range

    • Full range of 2Pak & Enamel coatings; Dulux, Lacnam, Valspar, Roberlo
    • Full range of Automotive colours; Dulux, Valspar, Wanda
    • Full range of Commercial Transport colours;Dulux Fleetshield, Valspar Industrial
    • Full Range of Direct to Metal Automotive and Industrial coatings; Valspar, Roberlo
  • Service

    • Technical advice
    • Safety advice
    • Competitive pricing
    • Personal specification service